Woven Fabric Production

We offer the production of all kinds of jacquard, plain and printed fabrics on woven fabrics to our customers.


We dye the woven fabrics and turn them into products and deliver them to the customers in the fastest way.


We present the patterns we produce upon customer demands with our color variety, which we constantly enrich.

Who are we ?

Çandır Textiles

ÇANDIR TEKSTİL, which has been serving with a superior quality understanding based on the policy of producing the better since the day it was founded for more than 60 years, puts unconditional customer satisfaction at the forefront and meets the demands of the customers in the fastest and highest quality way with the production of printed and dyed woven fabrics for domestic and foreign customers. has become one of the leading companies in the textile industry.


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From where

Çandır Textiles ?


ÇandırTekstil is a brand that produces organic and inorganic recycle (recycled), cotton, woven fabrics and is a demanded brand in its own sector by increasing the quality of its product range to foreign markets.

We produce woven fabrics such as satin, poplin, polyester, gabardine with special patterns and yarn dyed according to customer requests, mainly for women's wear, in healthy and reliable environments.